The Fourteener Project

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Mandy and Kendrick just can’t seem to sit still without a challenge! So with two weeks off, a challenge it is! Beginning with the idea of hiking 14 “fourteeners” in Colorado, the idea exploded to include 98 total attractions in Colorado, all in 14 days.

Hike 14 Fourteeners

A “fourteener” is a peak who’s summit is at or higher than 14,000 ft in elevation. Colorado is known for having the most of these, totaling 58. Many people take a lifetime to climb them all. We will (attempt to) climb 14 in just 14 days.

Visit 14 Distilleries

Colorado, as with many other states, has been experimenting in the world of whiskey! While we love the Louisville Bourbon Trail, we are excited to see what the Colorado Spirits Trail has to offer.

Visit 14 Breweries

Colorado has always been ahead of the game when it comes to micro-breweries. So since Mandy gets her bourbon, Kendrick gets his beer. No tour of Colorado would be complete without visiting some stops on the Colorado Brewery Trail.

Discover 14 Wildflowers

It’s August in the high-country of Colorado, which means wildflowers galore!! While we are definitely NOT wildflower experts, we do like seeing how many varieties we can spot and looking them up. We are armed with a new wildflower app and curiosity!

Enjoy 14 Lakes & Waterfalls

Originally we wanted to do both 14 waterfalls and 14 lakes… but we also have a small sense of practicality. So, we’ll begrudgingly narrow it down to 14 altogether. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Visit 14 Coffee Shops

We all know life in a small town is not complete without the flavor of local coffee shops. Yes, they provide us with the caffeine, but they also provide us with the small-town gossip, the culture, and the relaxation.

Drive 14 Sceneic Roads

This was an easy one to add-on as there are many roads we have to drive, but a lot of folks do these drives for fun! Rocky mountain passes and single lane roads with steep drop-offs not for the feint of heart!

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