I have proudly become an ambassador for products I depend on and believe in. I can recommend these products and services with confidence and personal experience.


nüCamp RV
Tiny Trailer manufacturer located in the Amish community of Sugarcreek, OH. Builder of Mandy’s home, Rocky the T@B.

Princess Craft RV
Tiny Trailer dealership based in Austin, TX. This is where Mandy bought her first teardrop, she still considers it her teardrop home.

3 Legged Thing
Tripod manufacturer based in the UK. Mandy uses 3 different models by 3 Legged Thing.

Hoodman USA
Manufacturer of high quality and fast memory cards, card readers. They also make loupes and eyecups for shooting in the sun!

Schneider Optics
Manufacturers of camera filters for both film & video. Mandy uses the screw-on B+W filters.

Creator of the all-in-one shower bar. RedBudSuds creates their product with “thoughtfully clean” practices, doing their part for conservation.


Camera manufacturer. Mandy shoots with Nikon bodies and often speaks for them at events.

Mindshift Gear
Maker of outdoor camera backpacks & accessories. Mandy uses the Backlight 36L.

When soap and water are not an option, there is no better way to get clean than the Showerpouch by these two entrepreneurs. Use code “Mandy” to save 30%.

Camp Addict
A great resource for RV and camping accessory reviews. They create quality content to learn more about camping and life on the road.

Escapees RV Club
A professional membership community to aid with living full-time on the road. Mandy uses their mail service to handle her mail.

Up N Front
The bike rack adapter for any A-frame trailer to carry your bikes up front!