Mandy Lea

Show people things they wouldn't normally see, to inspire them to do things they wouldn't normally do.


After 17 years of pursuing a conventional photography career, Mandy realized that the American Dream was not for her. She was unhappy in a 9-5 job while trying to recover from divorce and depression. She knew there were few things in life that made her happy – photography and the mountains. Mandy was scared to give up the stability of her normal life, but nothing scared her more than the thought of being miserable for the rest of her life. With an uncertain heart she quit her job, bought a teardrop camper, and headed for the open road.


Upon hitting the road, Mandy focused all of her time on her landscape photography. But beginning life anew in your mid-30’s is not easy. While the first year was successful in business, she was lonely. It was this first year on the road that taught her the most important lesson of her life: how to love herself.


Mandy learned many lessons on the road, both emotional and practical. She learned the in’s and out’s of towing and living in a teardrop trailer, she met many friends within the RV community, and her photography blossomed into an art she never imaged. But perhaps the biggest change of all came when she met a boy, living in his Toyota Tacoma. See their story in her video “Two Go Tiny“.


Mandy is a brand ambassador for several products that she uses, believes in, and shares values with their brands. She is regularly published both online and in print, and often interviews on podcasts, television, and at live events.

Currently Mandy and Kendrick travel the road together in their T@B Trailer. They teach photography workshops, speak at events, write articles, and sell images. Mandy also regularly updates her video blog focusing on camping, road life, and photography.