There’s no place like home

Merriam-Webster’s primary definition of “home” reads “one’s place of residence”. What does that mean for us nomads who find our residence ever changing? This week I have been defining my own version of home. The people I know and love, the friends I meet on the road, the experiences I have, and the inner most center of my being – of which I am never without.  Read More

My own best friend

I recently took a trip up North and brought back a few souvenirs: A gash on my forehead, a hole in my eyebrow, and most importantly a rekindled friendship with the girl inside me.  Read More

Featured Badass: Robert McGee

“Creativity is a dish best served family style.”

As photographers, painters, sculptors – any kind of artist – we must understand that when we collaborate and work together we can achieve and learn far more than we ever could alone. I have become a better photographer only by working with others who have taught me what I know. I have learned more about myself only by talking to friends who help me understand. I have gotten where I am today only by the support and collaboration of those around me. We create, we build, we become – together. Read More

How the mountains made me do it

I may be 15 years late, but I’ve finally decided to join the world of blogging. I never thought I would be a blogger, but evidence shows this might be a way for me to share the one thing I have been passionately trying to share – inspiration.

Many of you have found me through the unfortunate theft of my teardrop camper and home, Birdsong. While I am grateful for the silver lining of countless new friendships, I do not wish to be remembered for – or followed because of – an event that could have happened to any unlucky victim. Read More