Stop and Smell the Bourbon

I write most of my blogs with intent. I try to be insightful or thought provoking in sharing my lifestyle. Sometimes I try to be helpful by providing tips and tricks. But I have to admit that after a very hectic April filled with work and travel, I was simply braindead. I needed a vacation. So while this video blog probably won’t inspire you to change the world… maybe it will just give you a few minutes of a vacation with me.

With a week off in Kentucky, and a brain itching for a vacation, we hopped on the Bourbon Trail one more time…

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28 Quick Tips to Finding Your Tiny Home

You’ve seen them in the news, on the internet, and maybe even on the road. You’ve read about the freedom, the simplicity, and the happiness they can bring. And now you’re ready to start your own “tiny journey”.

But simplifying your life and finding the perfect home is no tiny task! There are an overwhelming number of options when it comes to finding the right tiny house for you. From legal requirements to simple aesthetics – where do you start!? Read More

Going Off Road with the T@B Boondock

I am often asked why I chose a teardrop to live in. Sure, I could have sprung for something a bit larger for a similar amount of money, but I’d like to share a few key reasons I chose my path, and hopefully they will help you choose yours as well. Read More

Part 3: A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon

You took a chance on Part 1… you stuck through Part 2… may as well sit through Part 3!

In all seriousness, there is no way I could have fit everything I wanted to say about the Grand Canyon into just one video. It was a big project for me to take on (and honestly way more work than I thought it would be), but at the end of the day I am grateful to have the best souvenir ever – the memories. While I certainly make my videos to share with others, I know my biggest fan will always be “future Mandy”, the one who will thank me in 20 years.

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Part 2: A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon

If you’ve already been following my Grand Canyon excursion… welcome back! But if you’re like me and busy as all get up, check out Part 1 before 2 (thanks, Capt. Obvious).
If you’ve just now tuned in, here’s the skinny:

  • I wanted to photograph the Grand Canyon for a “few” days.
  • I let Kendrick plan the trip, so it turned into an 85-mile, 13 day backpacking trip on the trails less taken across the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Whoa!
  • I’ve already released the Blog and Video for Part 1 with lots of info!

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Part 1: A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon

There is nothing I love more than taking each of you along with me on my journeys. It warms my heart beyond belief when I’m told someone lives vicariously through me. Really? Little ol’ me? That’s exactly why I’ve spent so much time putting this video and blog together. Read More

26 More Quick Ideas for your Tiny Trailer

Folks seemed to enjoy my video 23 Quick Ideas for your T@G or T@B. It was a great way to get a slew of ideas from a lot of different creative people. So when I recently attended another gathering, T@bazona, I took the opportunity to gather some more great ideas from some very awesome campers!

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The Best Bits: Death Valley

With the growing age of social media and increasing accessibility of quality cameras, it’s becoming more common for photographers to share their work. I could let this upset me. I could see this as an over saturation of competition, and a devaluing of my skillset. But I don’t. I choose to view this new digital age as an opportunity to share as well – to reach people I otherwise would not be able to.

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The Best Bits: 2017

At the end of the day, at the end of the year, and even at the end of our lives, the moments we will be remembering fondly will be the best ones. The very best bits.¬† And so 3 years ago I began a collection of videos I call my “Best Bits” series.

When I have a particular adventure or period of my life I want to remember, I make myself a video to look back on. While I hope to share the good vibes of these videos with as many folks as possible, at the core of it, I really make these videos for me. One day, future Mandy is going to thank past Mandy for this. Read More

Pursuing Your Passion: A Man and the Mountains

Recently I’ve focused my videos on camping tips and tours. While that is a major part of my life, nothing inspires me more than the story of people. I am intrigued by the people who have a great passion in life. Especially those who prioritize pursuing that passion to such an extent that it becomes their entire life.

These are the stories that inspire me to chase my own passions. These are the stories I want to tell. Read More