Discounts & Partners

We are happy to partner with some of our favorite products and services to offer discounts. Not only do we vouch for the products, but also the people behind them.

Think Tank Photo

If you’re looking for the perfect camera bag/backpack, look no further! Use my link for a special gift!

Harvest Hosts

Camp for free in beautiful locations.. with booze! Save 15% on an annual membership with my link.

Print Gallery

Get your very own Mandy Lea original! Purchase your favorite image! Save 10% with code LITTLEBEAR10.

nüCamp RV

After living in nüCamp RV products for 4 years, I can sincerely vouch for them!

Omnia Oven

No Oven? No Problem! The Omnia oven perfectly bakes on your stovetop! Shop through our Amazon Store!

Red Bud Suds

The best all-in-one shower bar ever, it even cleans Kendrick! Save 10% with the code LITTLEBEAR10.


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Princess Craft

So you’re ready to buy your teardrop? Well, Princess Craft is the best place to help you!

Planetary Design

Use our affiliate link to find the best coffee solutions for travel! We recommend the 48 oz. French Press.

Shower Pouch

No water? No problem! Grab the most luxurious shower wipe ever! Save 10% with the code MANDY.

Amazon Affiliate

Did you know you can support us just by clicking through our Amazon link to do your normal shopping?

3 Legged Thing

3 Legged thing offers a line of my favorite tripods. Lightweight and Sturdy!