How to Pee (and poop) Outdoors: For the Ladies

Alright Ladies, this one’s for you!! I know that peeing outside is supposed to be common knowledge… but yet there are still many women out there who struggle with it! Well – consider this your all-inclusive guide to “doing your business” outdoors. Here, I give you tips on finding your spot, how to squat, how to clean, dealing with your period, and finally – some very helpful products. First, enjoy the video – then find links below!

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Tips to pee (or poop) Outdoors


  • Follow Leave No Trace principals, and always go at least 200 feet from any trail, camp, or water source.
  • Find the most level, sturdy ground you can.
  • Minimize the amount of vegetation you will urinate on.
  • Face downhill or downslope.
  • Keep your back to the wind!
  • Space out your cat-holes if frequenting an area.


The Full Squat:

  • Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Keep your feet flat and steady.
  • Pull pants just below your knees (but not too low)
  • Hold the ankles and/or crotch of your pants out of the way.
  • Squat as low as comfortably possible.

The Half Squat:

  • This method is easier on your knee/hip joints… but can be tougher on your quad muscles!
  • Commit to the pee! Give your urine stream some force to keep it from dribbling down your legs.
  • Pee fast… the faster you finish, the faster you can stand back up!

The Assisted Squat:

  • Try carrying a rope or bungee cord with you. You can wrap it around the bottom of a tree and use it to brace yourself.
  • You can also use a tree to lean your back against as you are in a seated position.
  • Finally, you can enlist the help of a good friend or spouse to help hold you in position.
  • See video for demonstration…

Keeping it Clean:

Useful Products:

Go Girl

P Style


Foldable Shovel

Hand Sanitizer

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Thunderbox Outback Toilet

Head over to this link to grab your very own Thunderbox!

Get out there.
Stay Safe.
Be Responsible.
Happy Peeing!!

Mandy Lea

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