20 Must-have Camping Accessories

I recently released a video featuring 25 Great Mods that I collected from the attendees of the 3rd annual üCamp Trailer Rally. But mods aren’t the only great ideas they had, they also own a lot of really great camping accessories that are affordable and can easily be purchased online.

So, if you have 10 minutes to spare, you can get 20 great ideas for camping accessories that will change the way you camp! Watch the video first, and then please find links to all of the products below. By shopping through our Amazon links you help support us on the road <3

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Watch the 20 Camping Accessories video now!

20 Camping Accessories – Information and Links:
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#1: Point Loma Dome Awning (by Coleman)

This 12×12 awning fits perfectly over the outdoor kitchen of a T@G, but also works great in any campsite.

#2: Foldable Camp Table

Large plastic folding tables are a hassle to store and to use – but this foldable camp table is the perfect solution to keep with your folding chairs.

#3: Collapsible Buckets

Perfect for collecting the gray water on a T@G, these buckets are a great addition to any campsite. They fold up and store almost anywhere.

#4: Smart Store Containers

These come in all different sizes but the narrow size fits the T@B 400 bathroom. Not found on amazon, only at the Container Store.

#5: Sink Liner

Because these mats are made of soft plastic, they can be cut to fit any sink!

#6: Anti-bacterial Towels (by Norwex)

The perfect camp towel – clean with water only, dries fast! They come in hand towels and also larger towels.

#7: Small Enamel Teapot

With a small base and profile, this is the perfect tea kettle for camping.

#8: Inflatable Ottoman

Add comfort without adding any weight or taking up any space with an inflatable ottoman. Plus, they come in all kinds of cool colors!

#9: French Press for K-cups (by Kitchen Gizmo)

This press is a great way to get your k-cup fix without electricity. If you want to keep it environmentally friendly, also grab some reusable k-cups and a hand-crank coffee grinder.

#10: Wall-Organizer

This wall organizer is a great way to maximize storage space in any RV. It is light enough to hang with some strong 3M Command Hooks!

#11: Battery-Powered Magnetic Light Switch

This light switch is perfect for any RV, and since it is battery powered you don’t need electric!

#12: Hitch with Built-in Scale (by Weigh Safe)

This is the coolest hitch ever! It shows your tongue weight as you hook up to it. There are two versions: an adjustable height, and also a smaller fixed height.

#13: Portable Ice Machine

“Cocktails are better with Ice” pretty much says it all.

#14: Double Sensor Thermostat (by Accurite)

Keep an eye on your fridge, freezer and cooler temps with this battery-powered, wireless thermostat. If you have an inverter, this thermometer has 4 outputs and takes very little power.

#15: Sherpa Kitchen Table (by Camp Chef)

Keep your outdoor kitchen organized with this easy to use and store table.

#16: Awning with wall pockets (by Ozark Trail)

Keep your campsite organized with these pockets for an awning sidewall. Not found on Amazon but you can get it here at Walmart.

#17: Carpet Cover for Step

Easy to put on and remove, this step cover will keep you from slipping, and also collect mud and dirt!

#18: Battery Powered Fan (by Dewalt)

This is a great option for RVs, especially when camping without power. The battery will last for days. If you already use Dewalt tools you can share batteries.

#19: Bluetooth Speaker (by Bose)

Bose makes great sounding speakers, they connect to any bluetooth device and the batteries last a long time. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors.

#20: Wifi Amplifier/Booster (by TechnoRV)

Here is a great option to boost weak wifi signals from campgrounds, etc. Easy to use and this kit comes with all the mounts for your RV.

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