7 Off-Grid Kitchen Gadgets

Let’s get cookin’!

In my last blog I talked about how we recently attended the Overland Expo West. We had a great time exploring the overland vehicles and getting some great new ideas! The last blog featured an important aspect of road life that people don’t like to talk about – pooping! But an almost equally topic is cooking and eating. Luckily, this one is a lot more fun to talk about!

Whether you like to cook outside over a fire, you’re on a backpacking trip, or simply camping in an RV, I found some great gadgets to enhance your cooking experience. I got a quick rundown from each company to share with you.

Watch the video and get inspired to go outside and get cookin’! Below the video you’ll find links to the featured products.

7 Off-Grid Kitchen Gadgets

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#1: Insulated French Press: Whether or not you have shore power, you can always boil water for your morning coffee. This insulated press allows you to make up to 48 oz of coffee and keep it warm for hours! Also, they have neato designs.
#2: Airscape Canisters: The perfect air-tight storage solution, not only for coffee beans, but any food that you need to keep fresh!


#3: AIOKS: This all-in-one kitchen system is the perfect solution for a comfortable camp cookout. It provides table space with room for 4, a built-in stove, and plenty of storage. Plus, it fold up into a convenient travel cube.


#4: Go Sun Solar Oven: The perfect solution for RV camping or Backpacking – a solar oven! This thing will heat up to 550 degrees on the inside while staying cool to the touch on the outside. It comes in two sizes depending on what you need!


#5: Wolf’em Stick Biscuit Cooker: The perfect campfire activity for kids! This brilliant attachment for your rotary camp-stick creates a “biscuit cup” that can be filled with anything, sweet or savory!
#6: Wolf’em Stick Reverse Roaster: This attachment solves all the problems of cooking over a campfire – the reverse prongs keep food from sliding off into the fire, and it’s also much safer for kids.


#7: Fire Camp by Kovea: If you want to grill food over a fire but don’t have a fire ring, or perhaps are in the middle of a burn ban, this is a great solution. An above ground fire perfect for grilling. It even folds into a flat case for easy transportation.


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    June 8, 2019

    One of your worst video’s ever. Very shaky compared to others, seemed like gimbil was not working correctly. Odd that you only found 7 items from the entire show, but perhaps another time you can expand on what you carry for off-grid cooking/camping. Maybe some other items used do to size of trailer vs function (ie: hatchet vs axe, coffee press/funnel vs coffee machine…). Easier to do when vehicle not bouncing around as well.

    Not sure which is better, short vid more often, or more detailed but less often, Perhaps a walk around 2-3days before/after trips starts to review items brought, and then 2-3 weeks later discuss what was needed or not, what was mandatory, plus what you had to purchase/repair on the road…

    Haven’t bought my T@B yet, waiting for the right deal. Was wanting to avoid S model so I don’t have to deal with black water and storage loss, but keep thinking I can use shower to hang wet clothing/boots even if shower not used. Do like the CS idea, but not if it’s cold and/or poring rain.

    What model are you using now?

    • Reply


      June 18, 2019

      Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your input!

      First, I was there in the capacity of working for nuCamp so I only had a few hours to walk around to hundreds of booths. But to answer your question, yes, those are the ONLY kitchen gadgets I walked by. The overland expo is mostly focused on overland vehicles and trailers with fewer accessories.

      Apologies for the shaky video, I will try to do better.

      Kendrick and I live in the “U” T@B model which is the one without a bathroom. We love it. If you think you can deal without a bathroom then I definitely recommend the U. You get a larger closet and also the living space is much more open.

      Hope this helps! Cheers!

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