Viewer Q&A: RV Must Haves & Resolution

We’re at it again, answering more viewer questions on our YouTube channel! We think the best way to enjoy our answers are to watch the video first, and then follow up with the links below. Enjoy!

Watch the Viewer Q&A video now!

Question #1:
What is the one item inside your T@B that you could not live without?

Links to Kendrick’s “must haves”:

Links to Mandy’s “must haves”:


Question #2:
Is there a way to determine how large you can go when printing an image before the quality deteriorates?

Watch the video to hear our complete explanation. Here are links to a few terms we refer to as well as some software programs we mention:


Question #3:
In such close quarters, how do you handle it after having refried beans?

While I could type our answers here, I think it’s best explained by simply watching the video.


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    May 8, 2019

    I’m loving these Q&As. In regard to the first question, MattK gave me some awesome advice when I asked him this very question because of my very first large format print sale (YEAH!). He said to create a new PS doc with the dimensions I needed my print (the client was very specific in their request). Open my image and copy and paste into the new PS then use Transform : Scale to enlarge to the size I needed. While I did need to do a test print (which he said was absolutely necessary), it worked perfectly. Easy-peasy.

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    May 28, 2019

    Hi, These are great photos. Still making my way through them. Keep on doing what your doing. 👋🏻👍

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