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With recent releases of the new AVIA trailer, the Cirrus 720 truck camper, and some fabulous TAB upgrades, I thought we were done with surprises from nuCamp RV for a while. That was until my recent visit to the RVX 2019 trade show in March where they showcased a popular European camper, the Barefoot, and announced that nüCamp will be bringing it to the US market (be sure to catch the special sneak peek video at the end)!


The idea for the Barefoot was conceived in the UK by Cathy Chamberlain; a woman who loves the outdoors, traveling, and music festivals. When she went looking for a caravan to suit her needs, she couldn’t find the perfect fit. So, she created her own!

Cathy began working with manufacturing experts in Britain, as well as getting fresh ideas from students of the Automotive and Transport Design Course at Coventry University. After 3 years of design, building, testing and perfecting, the Barefoot Caravan was born.


The design of the Barefoot was a priority for Cathy. She wanted a caravan that was well-built, easy to use, and had pleasing curves both inside and out. The current version of the Barefoot is constructed of a galvanized steel chassis, a fiberglass body and bathroom, and hand built kitchen.

The Barefoot has a similar layout to nuCamp’s popular TAB Teardrop Trailer with its convertible sleeping and dining area, a small kitchen with two-burner stove, sink and refrigerator, and a bathroom. However, the layout differs in several ways. The main difference is having the living area on the “towing-end” of the camper while the bathroom, which is a bit larger than that of the TAB, is in the rear.

Aesthetically speaking, this camper is nothing short of adorable. It will be the perfect companion for the couple ready to travel the roads together, or for the solo traveler wanting to travel simply.

You can see a full list of the current specifications here on their website, but keep in mind that many of these specifications and features will possibly change when nuCamp RV begins production in the US.

Bringing it to the US

Of course, the Barefoot quickly became popular in the European market, which led to Cathy receiving requests from people wanting to buy the camper in the US. She was eventually introduced to nuCamp RV and fell in love with the quality craftsmanship of their products. Obviously, nuCamp fell in love with her unique design. Now, we all get benefit from this new relationship by seeing these amazing little campers cruising down US highways!

Manufacturing and sales of the Barefoot for the US market will be carried out by nuCamp RV with a tentative production date of Spring 2020. There is no doubt that some features/specifications of the US design will change, but the spirit of the Retro-European style camper will remain the same.

There are not yet any details regarding pricing and availability, but if you’re anything like me, just knowing this camper is coming to the US has me excited! If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest, check out the nuCamp Barefoot page to sign up.

Photo, left to right: Ben Matthews and Cathy Chamberlain (Barefoot Caravans) and Scott Hubble (nuCamp RV)

Check it out now!

While at RVX, I was able to snag Cathy to give me a special private tour. Check out the video below and browse my photo gallery. Cheers!

Sneak Peek Video:


Walk-through Photos:
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