Alaska to Mexico and back again

We did it!! Oh my goodness, we did it. We drove all the way from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to the Guatemala border in Mexico. 16,000 miles tip to tip. Sixteen-thousand. Some of those miles were gorgeous, some were boring, but every one of them is a memory of an experience we will remember forever – and that is what travel is all about.

You may have noticed over the past six months that the “Mandy Lea Photo Blog” has been a bit lacking. It’s true, I’ll take the blame.

But if you were missing me, fear not! I did not disappear, but rather I was posting weekly updates over on my other blog Roaming with Rocky. If you didn’t catch any of those posts, strap in for a binge session and prepare to go on an adventure!

Or, if you want to skip all our sappy words and get straight to the videos – Go straight to our YouTube playlist for all 22 episodes!

One of the many reasons we embarked on this journey was to share our experiences both in Alaska and Mexico – hoping to enlighten our viewers with an open and unbiased mind. We also wanted to show you the limitless places your T@B trailer can take you. We could not have done this without the support of our family at nüCamp RVPrincess Craft RV, and of course you, our viewers. So check out below to see our 10 favorite moments!

Finally, I’d like to assure you that Mandy Lea Photo will be back to blogging on a regular basis – with a focus on photo tips, RV tips, road-life adventures and more. Love & Light!

Our Path:
Click here for an interactive map of our trip!

Top 10 moments from Alaska to Mexico:

The Finale:

We hope you can watch the entire series, but if you can only catch one episode, watch the finale!

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