2019 nüCamp Trailer Tour Time!

I wanted to take a moment and share something I did last month out at the nüCamp factory. I took my 3rd annual pilgrimage to Sugarcreek, OH, where I traditionally eat way too much cheese, drink too much wine, and delight in the passing horse buggies.

The purpose for this visit, however, was to photograph and create video tours of the new 2019 T@G, T@B 320, and T@B 400 models. Luckily there is no lack of beautiful scenery for me to use as a backdrop for photos of the campers:

Video Tours

I also created a video tour for each camper. In typical “Mandy” fashion, I try to keep my tours as a quick overview, stating key features and differences between floor plans. If you want all the detailed specifications, the nüCamp website is much better for that than me droning on and on…

If you’re curious about any of these campers – come have a peak inside with me!

2019 T@G

2019 T@B 320

2019 T@B 400

Roaming with Rocky

You may have heard I’ve set up another site to host all of the content from our Alaska to Mexico trip. Don’t worry, I’ll still be keeping up Mandy Lea Photo! But if you’re interested in our travels you might want to head over to Roaming with Rocky and subscribe there as well. New episode comes out tomorrow!

Also, extra content now available on our Patreon page!

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