Stop and Smell the Bourbon

I write most of my blogs with intent. I try to be insightful or thought provoking in sharing my lifestyle. Sometimes I try to be helpful by providing tips and tricks. But I have to admit that after a very hectic April filled with work and travel, I was simply braindead. I needed a vacation. So while this video blog probably won’t inspire you to change the world… maybe it will just give you a few minutes of a vacation with me.

With a week off in Kentucky, and a brain itching for a vacation, we hopped on the Bourbon Trail one more time…

By coincidence, our free week happened to be the same weekend as the 144th Kentucky Derby. This was both a blessing and a curse. There is certainly no place more exciting to spend the derby than in Kentucky… but I’ve never been one for hoards of people, so we decided to avoid Louisville at all costs. I was happy with this decision because I had been hoping to explore some newer, less mainstream distilleries anyway.

In 4 days we were able to visit 10 distilleries, ride a dinner train, and enjoy the Derby in a Kentucky tavern. But now you can experience it in just 8 minutes, enjoy!

Vlog #32: Stop and Smell the Bourbon

The Distilleries

Town_Branch_alphaBarrelHouse copyBluegrass copyfourroses




Limestone_BranchWillett_Distillery_logoBartonBardstown-Bourbon-CoLUXROW_A4_Simplified_1_color_print_art_COREjim_beam_logo_1dinner train

Rocky by the Dinner Train at night.

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10 Comments on “Stop and Smell the Bourbon

  1. Next time you are in or around PA I want a taste of that bourbon. LOL Thank you for the tour. Stay Safe.

    • Thank you! Just saw your comment 🙂 Hope to be there one day soon!

  2. These types of videos are just as important to your vlog as any other scenery, workshop or rally video. It doesn’t discount the value just because the fingers were numb or the feet were blistered. So you shouldn’t apologize because it’s a video about having a little fun. Keep up the great work and I’ll bring the coffee!! ☕️

  3. That was fun. I’m not a bourbon drinker but had fun watching y’all have fun. 🙂

    • That’s the point… to show you something you wouldn’t normally see!

  4. That was a fun video Mandy! I don’t know that much about bourbon…you guys have seemed to learn a lot about it over the years…do you have a favorite? I guess you’ld have to break it down to everyday bourbon and special occasion bourbon. I remember you referenced a couple on your Grand Canyon video…thanks for video!

    • Oh yes we’ve found a lot of bourbons we like 🙂 And your right… there are some you can’t drink all the time. Our favorite special bourbon is Angel’s Envy Rye. Hard to find and $85-90 a bottle so we don’t drink it often… but if you ever find it I recommend giving it a try!

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