Going Off Road with the T@B Boondock

I am often asked why I chose a teardrop to live in. Sure, I could have sprung for something a bit larger for a similar amount of money, but I’d like to share a few key reasons I chose my path, and hopefully they will help you choose yours as well.

  • UtahSpringBreak_04webI wanted to live simply. And simply means tiny. The more space you have, the more you will fill it with things you don’t need. To truly have perspective on what is most important in your life, you must force yourself to define it.
  • I didn’t want to buy a new car. Let’s face it, I’m a 30-something starting over in life, driving a mid-size SUV. I can barely afford a new trailer let alone a brand new big truck. What’s great about the nüCamp trailers? You can probably tow one of them with what you already own.
  • Quality over quantity. Just as you could buy a big brand new cookie-cutter house in the suburbs, you could also buy a big cookie-cutter trailer off the press – one of a hundred made that day. But I can’t afford my house falling apart on me on the road – so quality was a top priority. And we all know, quantity rarely means quality.

    But above all else…

  • I didn’t want anything to keep me from going where I want to go. We’ve all seen them, the big 5th wheels, the motor homes, and even the long tow behinds. Those people have to plan their route carefully to drive only on RV friendly roads. They can’t count on boon-docking anywhere they want. And most of all… they can’t go down that tantalizing dirt road – at the end of which you know awaits your adventure. No, I wanted none of that.

And so to share with you the possible adventures that await down that dirt road, I made a video to showcase some of the roads I am grateful to get Rocky down. Please enjoy this 3-minute expedition with me!

Vlog #30: Going Off Road with a T@B Boondock

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17 Comments on “Going Off Road with the T@B Boondock

  1. That was inspiring Mandy! Thanks! BTW I have been meaning to thank you for sharing Driftwood Beach with us a while back..because of you I took off to Jekyll Island a couple of months ago and had a good time practicing long exposure and exploring the driftwood..It was a little frustrating tho because the high tide was too low when I was there on the subjects you photographed so beautifully. But I did learn about planning…tides and moon etc. Great learning experience!!! because of you…I owe you a bottle of bourbon!

    • Hi Rodney! Wow, that’s so great to hear. I’m happy to hear you had the the inspiration to make it out there, and what a great learning experience about timing! Haha. For us, it was a bit of luck in that we had time to kill and the tide was high, but we did make a point to go out there at sunrise and sunset. I’ll take you up on that bourbon 😉

  2. Great for those that love to away from the busy life on the highway. Thank you for this teaser for the boondock Tab version….

    • Of course! You know us… we like to get away from people. 🙂

  3. I have a homemade camper that has the big tires and plenty of clearance. My biggest challenge has been needing some power while out. We have a battery, but after one night without power hook-up, our battery was dead. I likely need to get that replaced, but wonder if you have solar paneling or some other way of generating power when off-road.

    • Yes! Solar is key! We have solar panels mounted to our roof which keeps us topped off all day. We have a generator as a back up but don’t have to use it too often.

      • Thank you for that info. I assumed that would solve our problem, but best to hear from the expert. By the way, hello from Austin!

  4. Thank you for that info. I assumed that would solve our problem, but best to hear from the expert. By the way, hello from Austin!

  5. I’ll echo all of those reasons, Mandy, and add one more: I can back our Outback into the driveway, unhitch it, then turn it 180 degrees and pull it into our backyard BY HAND. No monthly storage fees, and it’s close by in case I want to install a new gadget (which is often) or even if we need a spare bedroom.

  6. Jack Kerouac would be proud of you! Glad to see you shooting with a Nikon, too! : ) Good for you, Mandy….

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