26 More Quick Ideas for your Tiny Trailer

Folks seemed to enjoy my video 23 Quick Ideas for your T@G or T@B. It was a great way to get a slew of ideas from a lot of different creative people. So when I recently attended another gathering, T@bazona, I took the opportunity to gather some more great ideas from some very awesome campers!

desertmandyI must also mention that life is a constant lesson… and boy do I have a lot to learn about videography! It can be a frustrating journey when you learn lessons the hard way, but also very rewarding. The audio in this video is not my top work – but I learned a lot from this one and look forward to producing some high quality work next time! Thank you all for sticking with me.

Vlog #26: 26 more quick ideas for your T@B trailer

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6 Comments on “26 More Quick Ideas for your Tiny Trailer

  1. Thanks for sharing all the quick mod ideas from fellow campers. I will definitely use several on my future camper.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all these mod ideas…thanks for taking the time to make a video and share..hope ya’ll are having a great winter!

  3. Your video is totally inspirational and we can’t wait to get back out this spring and enjoy our relatively new T@B. The modifications in your video are incredible, imaginative, and creative. You certainly have a knack for talking with folks and it’s great that you’re using your natural abilities to give others ideas on how to enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks–we’d be lost without you! Oh, by the way, we travel with 2-Goldens and we’re always looking for helpful hints on how to travel best with pets in a T@B, if you’re ever interested in exploring that topic, we’re all ears. Blessings.

    • Thank you Stephanie! It’s good to know that my efforts are not wasted 🙂 I do it because I enjoy it, but I still want people to find it helpful. I don’t travel with a dog but can always interview people who do!

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