The Best Bits: Death Valley

With the growing age of social media and increasing accessibility of quality cameras, it’s becoming more common for photographers to share their work. I could let this upset me. I could see this as an over saturation of competition, and a devaluing of my skillset. But I don’t. I choose to view this new digital age as an opportunity to share as well – to reach people I otherwise would not be able to.

IMG_2008But what can I do to set myself apart from the daily deluge of images coming through one’s newsfeed? I can share more than just my images, I can take you there. I want to share what it felt like, I want you to see the lens, the camera, and the eyeball behind the image. Maybe even just imagine for one minute that you were there, breathing in that same air, setting your eyes upon the same beautiful scene.

And so if I may have 3 minutes of your time, I invite you to join my friends and I in Death Valley. It’ll be a quick trip full of smiles, I promise.

The Best Bits: Death Valley

Below are some of the images from this trip. If you’d like to join me for more, check out my “Best Bits” series.


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12 Comments on “The Best Bits: Death Valley

  1. Love it Mandy! And you r correct, i believe, in ur approach. i found u thru ur first trailor and began following ur travels and adventures. it actually came as a bit of a suprise, a very, very pleasant surp, that you are this extraordinary photographer. i have only been enjoying the photography side about half as long as i have been following your video blog and posts. It’s YOU and your lifestyle that drew me. i do indeed follow for the behind the scenes aspect first and now, the photos themselves.

    • Hi Chip! Thank you for that wonderful message… and thank you for sticking with me for almost two years now! Wow!
      I do try to bring a human element to my work with cell phone shots and small videos. I think it brings a lot more to the story if you can understand what was going on. You’re amazing for supporting me for so long. Thank you!

  2. So beautiful. (Love the music, too.)

    Last year my brothers both took and posted photos of a train they saw when they were on a day trip. I saw the older one’s photo first and then the younger’s. I liked the first one but was truly wowed by the second. The pro knew what to do with the photo and everyone could sense and feel the difference.

    I always appreciate the amount of thought and work that go into the beautiful shots you post, Mandy. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    • Hi Joanna! Thank you so much. It is hard in a world where everyone is a photographer… but in the end I ultimately shoot for me and am honored when my images impact someone else. I appreciate you following, your comments, and your support <3

  3. Thank you!……….. for the “Miles & Miles of Smiles! for my Eyes!”

  4. I truly believe in your philosophy of shooting for yourself. After all, you’re your own best critic. And if someone else is touched by your work, what a rush! Telling a story with photos is the definition of photojournalism. Being old school (I turned 68 on the 15th), I invite your younger viewers to look at issues of Life magazine (go thee to a library!) to see how it’s done. Keep up the great work.

  5. You were the inspiration I needed to hit the road and begin our life out here on this beautiful open road so thank you so much for sharing you life with us 😉

    Your work takes my breath away & your smile lifts my soul!!!!
    Lesley C.

    • Awww… that means the world to me! Thank you Lesley! I hope you’re enjoying the road as much as me. May our paths hopefully cross one day!

  6. Been so impressed with your vlog and your information that you pass on… Thank you so much for sharing….My wife and I are so torn between the T@gxl outback and the T@b…. can’t wait to see them in person this weekend….. Safe travels and many blessings in them.

    • Hi David! I’d love to tell you which to buy, but I’ve owned them both and even I don’t know which I like better, I love them both! I guess you’ll just have to look at what you’re going to use it for and which would suit that daily routine better. Either way, you can’t go wrong 🙂

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