Meet Rocky: A full-timer’s tour of a T@B Boondock

DSC_6202Back in April, Kendrick and I moved from a T@G named Phoenix into a T@B named Rocky. Life has been a crazy roller-coaster of lessons, and we’ve learned quite a bit about living in our T@B on the road.

Finally, we’d like to share a little bit about our home, and some must-have items to making full-timing easier.

First, have a look at the video tour we’ve put together here. Then, check out the links below for more information on our additions.

Vlog #24: Meet Rocky – A full-timer’s tour of a T@B Boondock:

Here is a list of the particular add-ons we’ve made. Hopefully these will help point you in the right direction for your own tiny home on wheels!

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27 Comments on “Meet Rocky: A full-timer’s tour of a T@B Boondock

  1. Thank you !… for sharing your home with me . Remember!…….there is always a place to add “Mistletoe!”.

  2. Amazing how much can be done to customize your “home”. Great job and interesting video. I enjoyed meeting you and Kendrick at the Summit in Townsend and wish you both a Merry Christmas and many adventures with your new home.

    • Thanks for the kind message! Hopefully we will catch up in 2018 as well!

  3. Just picked up our 2018 T@B Boondock last week! Our adventures continue!

  4. I agree with your layout, except the full bath is a must in my T@B…
    That truly makes it a “home “😎

    • Haha, I can respect that. Most people prefer to have a bathroom. I think the bed makes the “home” 🙂

    • Good point John. People often forget to account for all of the “stuff” they carry with them, both in trailer and in tow vehicle, to make sure they are still well below their tow capacity. Luckily I have a lot of wiggle room so the generator and water don’t make a huge difference. Would love to calculate the actual tongue weight somehow though.

  5. Thanks for the tour. If you’re in NJ and need a parking space, you’re more than welcome at my house. Diane Irrgang

  6. Hi Mandy, I really enjoy your videos and think the Tab is a great little camper! One question on the interior kitchen layout (which I like) – I visited a similar Tab at my local RV dealer and it seemed the overhead kitchen cabinets were somewhat in the way of my head, when using the sink or stove. Has that been an issue for you or Kendrick, and if so, how do you address it? I suppose leaning below the cabinets would work, at the risk of accidentally bashing one’s head while straightening up. Thanks!

    • Hi Josh! Great observation! I am 5’4″ and I never hit my head. Kendrick on the other hand…. does. Actually, he only hits his head when he accidentally leaves them open. If they are closed its not much of an issue. He does stand with his legs spread apart when he cooks so that he is shorter!

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Love your video tour of “Rocky.” You’re such an inspiration and I’m intrigued about cutting the long back lid to the storage compartment into 3-sections. Something for us to think about.

    Late last summer my husband and 2-Goldens were in the Shenandoah National Park towing our T@B 320 when we saw someone with a T@B 400. Upon meeting, the person driving the 400 was an employee at Nucamp who worked in R & D. I mentioned your awesome videos and he said he met you at the factory, so it’s a small world. Anyway, we love your work. Happy Holidays and many amazing adventures to you and yours in 2018.

    • I definitely recommend it! It’s not that hard if you have a saw, and just buy some extra hinges.

      How cool that you saw someone from nuCamp! They do send folks out on the road every now and then. I think I even know the couple you are talking about 🙂

  8. You’re right. I could never imagine living that way. But, oh…I envy y’all! 🙂

  9. Kit and I love the black color! We have the T@G MAX XL in black and silver and have never seen another like it. Only draw back is the rock chips that speckle the front of the unit. We need to touch up the paint on it.

    • We left the top and front silver, while just the sides are black. It helps a bit, but you will always get some chips. Its okay though, just evidence that you are using it as you should!

  10. I’m curious about the extended platform you have on the front to put your generator and extra cargo box on. I haven’t been able to find anything like that anywhere. Was that custom made? Or did you buy it?

    • Hi Jon! Actually that platform is offered from nuCamp, but you’ll need order it through a local nuCamp dealer. Just go in and let your dealer know what you need and they should be able to order it for you!

      • Ah! I wonder if the sizing will work with our trailer. We don’t have a Tab. Thanks, at least I know where to learn more now!

  11. Love the knife rack idea, and of course am trying to copy it. But, I see the bar doesn’t have a solid surface on the back side for using 30lb tape easily – mind my asking how you installed it? Thanks!

    • We used a combination of both the 30lb tape and screws. The combination together seems to be very sturdy! But take a look at other magnetic strips as well, maybe you can find one with a more solid backing.

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