23 Quick Ideas for your Tiny Trailer

Three years ago I didn’t know what a trailer rally was. Now they are the hub of my relationships with new friends and “camping family”. I recently attended the Texas Tiny Trailer Rally hosted by Princess Craft.  Besides being a wholesome place to meet like-minded folks, rallies provide a unique opportunity to see a slew of great ideas all in one place!

Being the smart little whipper snapper that I am, I try to reap the rewards of other people’s great ideas. So I asked each camper what their favorite mod or gadget was that made their camping life easier. Because this was a “tiny” trailer rally, the majority of campers were nüCamp T@Gs and T@Bs. The result is 23 great tips that I conveniently edited together so you too can reap the rewards!

Check out the video below along with a few photos from the event…

Vlog #22: 23 quick ideas for your T@G or T@B trailer

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21 Comments on “23 Quick Ideas for your Tiny Trailer

  1. Great ideas. I have s couple. One was to set up a temporary camera for use while towing your camper. The other is the use of foam pipe insulators make great headache bars when your galley door is open and your tall enough to bump into it.

    • Oh for sure on the head thing! I’m short and I still bump my head!

  2. Our favorite tip is when friends camp with us and use their tent, we can use some basic 6″ ducting to run from our kitchen (passenger side) window down to their tent so they can utilize our AC from the Texas heat. A small battery fan positioned in front of the ducting on our end blows it down to their tent.

  3. Great video! I would love to see a trailer tour from the lovely lady who made her own outdoor curtains-looks like my kind of home 🙂

  4. Great video! I just got my tab – so this is awesome!! I have one to share – the dinette is set up as a bed all the time – so I wanted to make use of my dinette table. My dealer installed the same bracket on the rear outside – so now I can use it to form an “L” while I work in my galley preparing or cleaning up from meals!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Mandy! Do you happen to know the brand/model for that one lady’s flexible solar system? Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Mandy! You are living the dream, and now I’m shopping for a tiny trailer of my own. I got the inspiration from you during last week’s Nikon event.

  7. Mandy, you’re a natural when it come to making your videos. Especially enjoy the camping/trailer videos. Your presentation and post editing creates such pleasant videos to watch. Thank you

  8. Great video with some really great ideas! I’m going to use at least three of those ideas in my a-little-bit-bigger trailer. Thanks!

  9. I’m looking at your workshop schedule and wonder if you would consider doing something in the Pacific Northwest? It’s beautiful here. Love your work, and perhaps my little T@g, Waddles, and I need to consider traveling to Colorado to attend.

    • I’m so sorry I am just now reading some of these comments! They slipped by me…. Yes, I would totally consider coming to Colorado if you can make it. Fall is unbelievable there.

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  11. omg, i totally know the first two people!! love your videos. looking at getting a t@g and its always nice to see what other people have done.

    • They are all great folks! Thanks Brandon, I hope you have fun adventures in yours!

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