A Grand Adventure: Standing on top of the Tetons

The most effective lessons come of our own experience. We cannot know these lessons until we have given ourselves the opportunity to learn them from our failures. Such was the case with my most recent endeavor to summit the Grand Teton.

It has been a dream of mine to climb the Grand Teton since I first set eyes on it 3 years ago. But this idea remained steadfast in my pile of pipe dreams that I assumed I would never come close to accomplishing. I did not feel I had the physical stamina or the mountain prowess required.

GTattempt02But when Kendrick came along, he changed my perspective on what was and was not possible. He showed me that I was capable of accomplishing more than I gave myself credit for, and offered to show me the way.

And so, an adventure began…

Vlog #21: A Grand Adventure: Standing on top of the Tetons

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16 Comments on “A Grand Adventure: Standing on top of the Tetons

  1. Perhaps a bit or oxygen deprivation at altitude? More of the real you! Love it! ❤️ & ☀️

  2. First, thank you for sharing your trek to the top. Second, I am so jealous. What an experience of a lifetime. So glad that you both made it to the top and safely returned. <3

  3. I have waited to hear more about this adventure!! So glad you shared. God Bless you both

  4. That was amazing and so glad you stopped the first time. Safety is paramount. Glad you made it the second time around and achieved nirvana. Congratulations to your winning spirit about life!

  5. Sat through the wedding guy and celeb photographer just to get to your segment of today’s Nikon Live. What a joy to listen to you. Pleased to have found this entry on your blog. My “thing” this year was to buy a kayak and learn to paddle. Love it. Even after falling in and getting soaked on the 6th trip. (And I had dry clothes and a towel in the hatch for just such a catastrophe 🙂

    • Thank you so much Laurie! I appreciate you making the effort to watch me 🙂

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