Colorado 14ers: Getting Acclimated

Today. Today is my day.

The video I am releasing today is about the preparation for one of my long time goals, climbing the Grand Teton. But today is about so much more. Today I begin the climb up a mountain – a mountain which I first laid eyes upon two years ago. Basking in a fiery sunrise, it reminded me that happiness wasn’t lost, and changed my life forever.

Okay, I know I am making this sound a bit dramatic. But the truth is that, for me – it is. While an admirable peak, the Grand Teton is by no means an impossible feat. In fact for many, it is a walk in the park. There are some who could literally run to the summit and back in a matter of hours. But this is not me. I consider myself to be a rather uniquely average individual with goals heavier than I can carry. Just like everyone else.

And so to accomplish this goal I began planning. I planned to lose weight. I planned to get in shape. I planned to be able to run a marathon by now. But I didn’t, and I can’t. I was struck with the similarity to the time in my life just before I moved to the road full time. It was a dream I wanted so badly but was clouded by so many excuses. That was all the reminder I needed to throw the excuses out the window and stop waiting.

And so, today is my day.


Before we even begin the ascent, my deepest gratitude goes out to Kendrick Callaway. Whether or not we make it to the summit, I wouldn’t stand a chance without his support and guidance. Thank you for the courage to do this, and for your patience to get me to a place so near to my heart.

So while I huff and puff to the top of this big rock – please enjoy this video blog!

Vlog #20: Colorado 14ers: Getting Acclimated

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12 Comments on “Colorado 14ers: Getting Acclimated

    • Super great video blog!! Loved it.
      Very excited for you that THE day has come – the Grand Teton. With all of your preparation and a good guide, it’s yours!! While the summit would be cool, enjoy the journey, each huff and puffing step! If it were easy, wouldn’t feel as great an accomplishment! Praying for a safe day.

      • Good advice to enjoy the journey… as we had to turn back just below the summit due to snow. I’ll be trying again. Another journey…

  1. Mandy and Kendrick, thank you for sharing your adventures, wisdom and passions with us. Best wishes to you as you continue your journey as individuals and as a couple. You inspire us to live fully with wonder and gratitude.

    • What a great message! Thank you so much for following along with us… you’re the reason I keep going.

  2. Nice! Glad to meet you at Sugarcreek and of course hiking is my thing. Keep sending awsome fun blogs

  3. I love the Vibe you two project. Mandy you have just described, on many levels what being outdoors can bring. You do not have to go to the extreme to feel it either. We, as you,know just get out. Look around, take it all in. She “nature” will change you. She will give you the answer just listen to what the mountains, woods or water tells you. Pushing yourself as you proved clarifies you.

    Once again Love your work and your journey You and Kendrick keep up the great contribution.

    Pat Marsh

    • Thank you so much Pat. This is a profound response and a lesson we all need to learn a little better <3

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