Two Go Tiny: Teardropping meets Truck Dwelling

The most difficult challenge of living on the road is by far that of loneliness. Whether you are traveling with a companion or ultimately alone, we all fight this. I’ve spoken in detail regarding the journey of finding peace and contentment within myself – a journey that I did not always enjoy, but always appreciated.

Often times, it is when we finally reach this point of peace and stop seeking more, that we find the unexpected – or perhaps the unexpected finds us.

KenTacoma01webMeet the unexpected. His name is Kendrick. While life is always uncertain, scary, and quite plain difficult at times… it is also very short. So short in fact, that there is no time for doubt and regret. And that’s almost exactly the line of reasoning I used to convince Kendrick to quit his job, leave town, and move in to my (very tiny) tiny house! Did I mention it’s tiny!?


Imagine squishing together the life and belongings of a full-time tear-dropping photographer, and a truck-dwelling dirtbag climber. Yep, seemed pretty impossible to me too!

But after a few tears and some healthy negotiation, we both learned that as long as we have adventure, we can live with a lot less stuff. I hope this video of our story helps you find peace and encouragement in downsizing and simplifying your life.

Vlog #19: Two Go Tiny

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31 Comments on “Two Go Tiny: Teardropping meets Truck Dwelling

  1. I’m so happy for you both to have found each other. Blessings abound! Happy trails!

    • Thanks Judy! I hope all is well with you and to see you soon!

  2. As a Mom I am extremely happy you are still out living life to the fullest. And I am happy too that you now have that special person in your life that you are sharing it with. Still hoping to catch up with you and meet Kendrick.

    • Aw thanks Bobbi! I promise we will make it up to Glacier one day… just not sure when yet…. And of course I’ll let you know!

  3. Congratulations on your new adventures together. What a blessing to have found each other. To new beginnings.

  4. Best wishes to you both. Every memory you make is all the more special when shared with someone you deeply care about. Enjoy 🌎

    • I absolutely agree.. although still important to enjoy on your own as well, it’s nice to share <3

  5. We enjoyed meeting Kendrick at UCamp17! Best of luck and love to you both!

    • Thanks Trish! Great to meet up with you too… keep in touch and thanks for following along on the adventure….

  6. Congrats guys! Hope your adventure together is rewarding. Having some one to share the adventure with is awesome and challenging all at the same time.

    • You got that right! I sense a future vlog out of that one 😉

  7. ….and again you are an inspiration. I am glad you both took a chance. Adventure awaits! Many blessings to you both.

    • Thank you! I rarely regret taking a risk, but I often regret not…

  8. As you have found, sharing life’s adventures with another by your side is so much more gratifying. I sometimes wonder how it would be if I did all this alone and quickly realize it is so much better with your bestie right there with you, getting to share that experience first hand. My wife and I just returned from a twelve day trip to Colorado in our T@G and now that we are back home, I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something. I need to make fresh water, I need to setup the solar shower, recharge the battery. I don’t think my wife has sat still yet. Congrats on finding someone to share your journey with.

    BTW, i love your use of light and shadows in your work, some really specatular images in your collection.

    • Thank you Scott! I completely understand what you mean about returning home… I guess that’s why I decided I never would 🙂

      And thank you for appreciating my photography. I love camping, but that is truly where my passion is.

  9. Well that is just frickin awesome! Congratulations to both of you for taking a chance on each other. As a solo traveler myself, I often wonder how I would fit someone else into the back seat of my truck. But I also know what it feels like to wonder what it would be like to have a co-pilot.

    Light and Love to both of you! <3

    • Thanks Mitch! Both lifestyles have their ups and downs… the important thing is focusing on the ups 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  10. Thanks for sharing your sense of exploration. Whether it’s on your blog or just stopping to watch hay being raked on the way to a hidden waterfall.
    Never stop L👀 king for what is around the next corner!

    • Thanks Mike! It’s always fun to have friends to adventure with 🙂 Bring your wife next time!! <3

      • Oh, there’s no way she’ll miss next year!

  11. So happy that you both crossed path and took a chance on each other. I often wondered how lonely it must get traveling by yourself. Be brave for the challenges that you will face by sharing that space 24/7. Always leave the lines of communication open but above all never go to bed mad. Love and light and blessing to you both.

    • Thanks Marta! That’s wonderful advice… something everyone needs to hear now and then <3 I appreciate your support so much!

  12. I am so excited for you. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your adventures and I think it is amazing that you now have somebody that you can share those adventures with in person not just those of us who follow you on social media 😉

    Keep those amazing images coming and keep inspiring others to hit the road and see where life takes them my husband and I will be heading out on the open road beginning in September thank you for inspiring us both to follow our dreams and just do it!!!

  13. So happy for you!!!! And Kendrick. Enjoy the road travels ahead ….bumps and all!

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