Walking a Mandy Mile

The nature of my lifestyle breeds very little downtime to reflect on my experiences. Sometimes it feels like life moves a mile a minute, and if we don’t force ourselves to breath for a minute, we might just wake up 10 years later.

This is why I created a ritual each night: whether alone or with others I will share my day’s highlight, lowlight, and grateful. Not only does this force me to reflect more deeply upon each day, but it also makes me more aware throughout the day of the things I am grateful for.

RoadLife_281I’ve been teaching landscape photography for the last couple of years. In this video blog I wanted to take a moment to share the thoughts on my most recent West Texas Photography Workshop that I offer through Precision Camera. Today I will be grateful for you to taking a moment in sharing my adventures!

RoadLife_280.jpgTo read more about my upcoming Colorado Fall Colors or West Texas workshop, check out my upcoming events page.

Vlog #18: Walking a Mandy Mile

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    J Michael Scott

    July 14, 2017

    Hey…the UCamp with nuCamp in Sugarcreek, OH starting 7/24. Is this event open to the general public. If so what can I expect? Would very much like to meet you and possibly pick your brain a bit. Would love to bring my daughter to meet you as well. She has the photo nak but only seems to want to do weddings grrr! If you can please let me know. Best of Travels and Thanx.

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      Mandy Lea Photo

      July 14, 2017

      Hi J Michael!! How wonderful you’d like to meet… I believe the nuCamp event is meant for those who register. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you stopped by but I might be busy helping with the event and don’t know how much free time I’ll have… think about registering?

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