Finding free time while full timing

When people ask me what it’s like to live on the road, I tell them it’s pretty much as they imagine it might be. It’s wonderful, amazing, life-changing, and… difficult.

One of the most unexpected hardships I’ve encountered is the difficulty of managing my time with an ever changing day to day routine. I’m my own boss now, and man am I hard to work for! With my new found freedom also came a whole new slew of dreams and desires… leaving very little time to do, well, nothing.

Monahans01webWith my most recent video I am yet again playing catch up on my recent adventures, along with renewing my vow to be more steadfast in my video production. I am grateful to have moved into a new home: Rocky. He’s complete with a table and indoor coffee pot for long sleepless nights like I used to pull back in my “normal” life.

Check out the video for a quick catch up on tiny house festivals, trailer rallies, the Great Smoky Mountains, and my adventures at nüCamp. Click here to sign up for the üCamp with nüCamp rally.

Vlog #16: Finding free time while Full timing

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  1. Reply

    Susan E

    May 22, 2017

    Truly enjoyed your first video blog (“vlog!”) with Rocky! Looking forward to the July NuCamp rally!
    Keep up the great work – Happy you and your new Rocky are following your bliss together!

  2. Reply

    Scott Bratt

    May 23, 2017

    Thanks for the update, its been a while. We were in Ohio late last week with our T@G (1800 miles round trip!) and wanted to go to the factory but just could not break away for a day trip. Good luck with the new home and hope to cross paths somewhere out there on the road.

    • Reply

      Mandy Lea Photo

      May 23, 2017

      Thank you and for sure! I’ll have a video tour of the factory soon as well 🙂

  3. Reply

    Tod Grubbs

    May 23, 2017

    Looks like you have been busy, Thanks for taking some time to share with your followers!! We love big bend as well, It is just magic out in the west Texas desert.

  4. Reply


    May 25, 2017

    With my somewhat warped mind whenever I see the name Rocky I think of Rocky the squirrel from long ago. Which is not bad as we all need humor in our lives 🙂

    • Reply

      Mandy Lea Photo

      June 14, 2017

      Happy to bring back the memory!

  5. Reply

    Nitin Khanna

    May 29, 2017

    Great. Thanks for sharing this. Keep Rocking

    • Reply

      Mandy Lea Photo

      June 14, 2017

      Thank you!

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