Getting Mail & Escapee-ing with Friends

I am often asked questions about how I accomplish many of the daily tasks that “normal” (or stationary) people do. The majority of the time, the answer is the simplest one – I do it just like you. But every now and then I do have a little secret…

A behind the scenes look at how Winston and I make a Vlog

One of these best kept secrets is my solution for mail. Watch the video and then check out all of the services (above and beyond mail) that the Escapee RV Club offers. And feel free to use little ol’ me as a reference (but don’t you dare tarnish that shiny name of mine!) I am #131471.

And finally I touch on an event that I recently attended in Quartzsite, AZ, and what it meant to me above and beyond just being a group of amazingly free and joyous individuals. Enjoy.

Vlog #12: Getting Mail & Escapee-ing with Friends

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Making coffee and fellowship around a Campfire. Okay. So it’s not coffee.
No where else I’d rather be.

7 Comments on “Getting Mail & Escapee-ing with Friends

  1. Can I ask who makes your tripod? How heavy is it?
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. Hi Mandy, so sorry we missed you in Quartzite!! We stayed in Yuma until Feb. 1st but did quite a few runs up to Q and out in the desert photographing all of the beauty there. Where are you going next? We would love to meet you. We are in Huachuca now and loving it. We are at the Mountain View RV Park – nice people with good wifi and pretty cheap. Soooo much to do and see down here – we leave on the 22nd for New Mexico. Love your updates and glad you are out of the snow for now!! 🙂

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