The new T@B 400 and other Tinys!

One of my greatest passions – second only to photography – has become discovering the wonders of living on the road. Since moving to the road I have learned endless lessons about life, discovered happiness, and fallen back in love with myself. I never thought I’d say this, but when the opportunity arose for me to attend an RV show in Louisville, I was excited! (not to mention its in Bourbon country!)

img_1128It’s amazing how one’s perspective can change so quickly. Every now and then I get a pang of anxiety when I let my tiny living overwhelm me. While most people step into a tiny trailer and are amazed at how small the space is, I am simply jealous of all the storage! It’s a subtle reminder for me to focus on the benefits of living with less. Remember that it pares my life down to what is really important, so I can be grateful for the things that really matter.

I want to share with you some of the adorable – yes, adorable – tiny living RV’s out there. And since so many of my friends are T@B owners, I took special time to document the new T@B 400 that is coming out. I’m guessing you’ll all want to upgrade! Watch my video for a walk through by the manufacturer!

Vlog #9: The T@B 400 and other Tiny Trailers

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Finally, here are some photos I captured this week of some of my favorite Tinys!

T@B 400:

Airstream Basecamp:

Aliner Ascape:

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16 Comments on “The new T@B 400 and other Tinys!

  1. Hi Mandy, we are full timers in a large 5th wheel toy hauler because we love to travel by motorcycle as well as RV. However, we recently fell in love with the Cirrus truck camper and plan on purchasing one next year so we can camp at more out of the way destinations. Enjoyed your blog post and look forward to the next one.

  2. The 400 looks well thought out! I like that they are using the Cirrus mattress system…someone who owns one told me it is better than his bed at home!

  3. Another great vlog, Mandy. Love your outlook. I think I might be a wee bit inspired to get rid of some of my stuff! 🙂

  4. Hi Mandy, by any chance do you know the price for the Ascape Aliner? I really like that one.

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