My own best friend

I recently took a trip up North and brought back a few souvenirs: A gash on my forehead, a hole in my eyebrow, and most importantly a rekindled friendship with the girl inside me. 

My 1st selfie post-piercing

I have known for awhile that I was neglecting getting to know myself. I stubbornly put off any sense of self discovery. But as one is alone and time wears on, the inevitable comes to pass. You acknowledge the conversations you’ve been having with yourself, and admit that you might have some value as a person and a friend. In this discovery, you find peace and relief. You find the good bits of your soul – and now that you’ve found them, you can finally share them with others.




Vlog #2: My Own Best Friend

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just go outside and play in the sand.

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  1. This is wonderful, Mandy. It made me tear up! The road to self discovery, acceptance and love is often a long and lonely one. But, it’s breakthroughs like the ones you’re experiencing that truly have a lasting impact and make you a better version of yourself. I’ve been through it and am happier because of it. You keep doing you, connect with others when you need to, but always be your own best friend.

  2. I have been following you for some time. Love the blogs because I get to know you better. Enjoy yourself. A bourbon drinking girl is a girl after my own heart.Take care.

  3. Love your video blog as well as your FB posts! And I’m wondering….if you can’t be your own best friend you can you be anyone else’s either? 🙂

  4. “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life” old quote. Mandy you are your best friend. I love what you do.

  5. Mandy that is such a an awesome video, to open up and share your world and your own personal goals and achievements. You have taught me
    so much about myself without even realizing how much more I understand … too … that I am happiest and I seem to achieve the most rewarding moments of truly feeling alive when I am alone. And it’s those times I tell myself that “I am not alone … I’m with me!!! ” the best person
    I could be with to share these precious moments in time!! It’s moments like this that time seems to stand still and I can freely endulge in my euphoria without any other human influences. I let my soul decide when I have had enough of “my moment”, when I have “refilled” and feel “complete” again.
    I truly feel we are a “special breed” (😝 Lol) of human being that can push ourselves to the limits to achieve epic proportions of self satisfaction and human bliss …. Thank you …. For being you … and helping me to be the best Me I can be!!
    Jason ~

    • Thank you so so much Jason. To know that I can help even one person become better is enough to keep me going every day. So, thank you for keeping me going!!!

  6. I enjoyed your video. I know I am dealing with some of these same thoughts. I am a person who has issues with being shamed and so it is hard for me to accept myself when I feel others sometimes don’t. I tend to out others opinions of myself in front of what I know of myself. A constant struggle for me. I can’t snap my fingers and have it go away. I am planning on going out on the road full time probably in the next two years so I look forward to doing what you are getting a chance to do. I hope with that will come healing. Look forward to more of your videos and of course photos.

    • Thank you so much for following along, Tim. I have tried for years to build self confidence and get to know myself… it wasn’t until I forced it upon myself with the open road that I finally began to make progress.

  7. I listened to your interview over at Girl Camper this morning and I have pretty much determined that I think you are ah-mazing! I love your story, your photos, and this journey you are on. Learning to love ourselves or make ourselves happy is such a difficult but important life lesson. So excited to follow along and see where this takes you!

    New follower

  8. Well Mandy, I finally came to check out your website, blog, images, etc. I’m very good friends with Robert Trawick. We talk every day, he’s like my brother. In fact he’s 3 hours older than I am and we are both photographers.

    Anyway, he told me your story. When I got a divorce I actually researched doing exactly what you are doing. Only I have no doubt that you are doing it a thousand times better than I could dream of doing it. I see multiple talents in your images and your videos. Such quality and creativity.

    I’m excited for you and your success. I’ll be watching.

    HUGS, Jim.

  9. I love this, the idea of getting to know yourself and hang out with yourself. When I am alone, I’m always either fiddling with something on my phone, or more often sat watching TV or on my computer. I never spend time alone completely unplugged, with nothing planned, and just see what I would do. I probably don’t know myself as well as I should. Have you any suggestions on how I can get to know myself better? The idea of hanging out with myself is so alien, I almost can’t imagine it. And being out on a beach having fun by myself, it almost seems as if other people would laugh at you or think you were strange. Does society put so many inhibitions in us that we are too afraid to step out there and be ourselves, even when we are alone?

    • Hi Adventure Girl. For me, it was just a matter of forcing myself to be in the moment. Its different for everyone, but for me this is where nature helps. If I get away from cities and people, and into nature, its an automatic reflection on yourself. Take your phone for safety, but turn it off. Go on a walk or hike by yourself. Take a break to sit somewhere high. Stop caring what anyone else thinks. Society doesn’t determine how much you like yourself – thats a personal journey between you and yourself.

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