Featured Badass: Robert McGee

“Creativity is a dish best served family style.”

As photographers, painters, sculptors – any kind of artist – we must understand that when we collaborate and work together we can achieve and learn far more than we ever could alone. I have become a better photographer only by working with others who have taught me what I know. I have learned more about myself only by talking to friends who help me understand. I have gotten where I am today only by the support and collaboration of those around me. We create, we build, we become – together.

So let me use this little space I’ve carved out in this big web of ours to feature some of the unsung badasses who make this world an amazing freaking place!

Robert McGee – Photographer, Texan, Cow-Whisperer! Photo by Mandy Lea.

Where to start? The beginning of my journey seems as good a place as any. On my very last day in Texas I met up with photographer Robert McGee. I learned quite a bit about cows that day – seemed quite the fitting end to a 10 year stint in Austin.

I made a little video about it – I guess the cool kids are calling it a “vlog” these days, Enjoy!

You can find Robert on Instagram as @roamingcamera. Music by my dear friend Sean Orr at www.seanorr.com.

Finally, here are some of the images I captured during my adventure with Robert! All photos Β©Mandy Lea.



16 Comments on “Featured Badass: Robert McGee

  1. Wow! Awesome!!!! I loved watching this and am so inspired – you are not only living the life but you are keeping on track what is important and sharing the vision of others!!! So cool.

  2. Very inspiring! I love seeing Rob and his cattle! What a beautiful place! Keep up the good work…and put some ointment on your forehead! Ouch!

  3. I loved this vlog! And your voice is awesome. Beautifully done and presented. I teared up at the end, in a good way. Thank you.

  4. It’s perfection, and I am so proud to call you a friend. Love and miss you here but I’m so excited to see the world through your beautiful perspective. Keep it up love. Light and Love from the Littles

  5. Mandy,
    This great! Now the voice thing, yea, non issue, it’s wonderful to actually hear you.
    I hope this is a start to many many more videos to come.

  6. Mandy , I loved your new addition & it’s great to hear your voice,as well . Can’t wait to see more of your featured Badasses . Very cool & inspiring for you to include us in your journey , as well . Love & light to you , , and happy trails ! Thanks , Jimmy

  7. We really like the vlog; and hearing your voice, again… πŸ™‚ Love and light to you, as well… Thank you, thank you, thank you… πŸ™‚ We’re looking forward to the next installment for sure!!

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